Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Broad Strokes

Hello Animated People!

The nature of the beast for writing pitch books is to present your show (characters and their world) using the broad strokes. Save all the wonderful details and gems you create for writing the episodes. Well, using a select few for the bible is okay. You just don't want your reader to get lost in too much explanation and detail now. You want to hook them in so they want more!

It's not easy to capture the essence of your characters and their world in a fun and concise way so that anyone who reads your bible gets your show as easily and clearly as you do. Remember, it is rare that you pitch to the person who has the power to green-light! You must make their job as easy as possible when they have to pitch your show to their bosses or partners to sell it.

If you can't describe your show in a few words then you don't know your show!

In class, I help students with the issues they're wrestling with on their shows and we all learn from each other.