Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pearls of Wisdom

Hi, Animated People!

This past semester was a super group who created some fantastic animated show ideas.  I hope everyone in class gets out there to pitch them now that they know how.  We had Fred Seibert speak to our group.  After sharing statistics of how many animated films Fred has had to create to land the hits on his credit list, the class was hit a bit broadside.  Why even do this?  That's what they were thinking. Then Fred in his infinite wisdom shared with the group why he keeps going..."I'm too stupid to know that I can't be successful!"  If you love what you do that's what keeps you going and hopefully the success will follow.

Our class was also fortunate to have a visit by Diana Manson from Chorion and former Silverlining Productions fame.  Di mapped out the whole process for the class.   A good point that she had is that when you are going out to sell a show you must think about "What are we asking people to do in the world's greatest recession?"  If it is to buy your show then you must do your homework and their homework.  Figure out the reasons “why” a broadcaster, producer, toy company, publisher would want your show.  What are these folks worried about?  Have the answers to their questions.  Calm their worries.  

Also, if it's your first time pitching - practice pitching your show clearly, concisely, and confidently.

Come join us in our next session.



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